Unlocking Its Greatness
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Complete Curriculum Includes:
Teacher's Guide CD and DVD
Detailed Lessons
Makes learning Fun
for Students 8 - 11 Years Old.

DVD with:
  Chris the Bible Buddy
Bible Buddy Chris (Video)
12 One Hour Lessons

Games, Puzzles, Prophecy, Paper,
Drills, Word Search and Songs


For Ages 8 - 11

Welcome to the Curriculum Course Overview and It's Mission

The Bible: Unlocking Its Greatness is a well thought out and proven curriculum for students 8 - 11 years old. It allows students to learn God's purpose in creating the Bible. The course involves student participation by using their own Bibles with every lesson.

  • Lesson One           Overview of God's Word
  • Lesson Two           One Theme In the Bible   (The Gift of Jesus)
  • Lesson Three         God Directed The Writing of The Bible
  • Lesson Four           Unity of the Bible
  • Lesson Five            God's Foundation For Our Lives
  • Lesson Six               Why Are The Scriptures Written
  • Lesson Seven         Salvation - God's Gift and Promise
  • Lesson Eight          The Completeness of God's Word
  • Lesson Nine           The New Testament and it's Teaching
  • Lesson Ten             Understanding The Resurrection
  • Lesson Eleven        Jesus Changes Lives
  • Lesson Twelve       Review - What We Learned About The Bible
It Includes:
  • Letters to Parents, Church Leaders and the Course Teacher
  • Indiviual Lesson Chapters
  • Teacher Preparation Guide, step by step Lesson Plan
  • Power Point Style Slides Correlation to Course DVD, Activities
  • Books of the Bible
  • How to find a verse
  • Resurrection meaning
  • Salvation message
  • Prophecies fulfilled by Christ
  • Where, when and by whom the Bible was written
  • How the Bible was written
  • The completeness of God's Word
  • An overview of the New Testament
  • Reasons to share the Bible with others
  • How to share the Bible's greatness
The Curriculum also provides:
Ceritificates for memory verses, attendance and memorizing Bible books
Personal Salvation
Take Home Papers for each lesson
Music Song Sheets and Words
Course Evaluation Form
Games and Activities

Pastors, Teachers,
Explore the only Bible Apologetics Course on DVD just for Kids!!

Children will learn:
God's divine inspiration through the prophets and apostles
The Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled by Jesus.
God's promise of a Savior and Christ's fulfillment of that promise.
The make up of the Bible and how to use it.
Overview of the New Testament
Who wrote the Bible
How truths were given to the apostles and prophets
Memorization of the Bible books
Ability to find verses easily in their own Bibles.
A plan for each child's salvation
Discussion and critical thinking of all curriculum material.

The uniqueness of the Scriptures show reasons to believe the Bible is the word of God.
Students will understand why the Scriptures were written and how that knowledge applies in their own lives.

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