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12 Lessons on DVD
DVD Includes:
12 One Hour Lessons

Featuring Childrens Christian
Music & Songs

Chris the Bible Buddy
Bible Buddy Chris (Video)
Re-enforces each lesson
using The Bible

The Bible Apologetics Course

Within Sample Lessons
Be Sure To Print And Use the Sample Quiz

Your students will have an understanding of God's Word
and how to share it with others.

Elementary Curriculum
Includes 12 Lessons,
Activities, Games & Songs on DVD

Teacher's Guide & Support Files on a CD - PDF Format

Fun Learning for Students 8 - 11 Years Old.
Highly Detailed Lessons Plans

Purchase Information
Students Will Learn

   Who wrote the Bible

   Where was it written

   When was it written

   Why was it written

   All of the Books

   How to find verses

   Names for the Bible

   God's promise for salvation

   Prophecies telling of Jesus

   Prophecy fulfillment

   Salvation through Jesus

   The completeness of the Bible

   Sharing the Bible with others
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