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For Teens and Adults

"Teens Can Defend Their Faith" is a well thought out 13 week curriculum.
Teens will not only learn about Jesus, the Scriptures and how to use them,
but they will apply this knowledge to their lives. They will be able to give a
a defense for their hope and trust in Jesus and His Word.

The Curriculum includes a CD with Support Files:
  • Letters to Parents, Church Leaders and the Course Leader
  • 13 Lesson Power Point Handouts
  • 13 Lesson Leader Guides
  • 13 Lesson Course Preparation Checklists
  • 13 Lesson Puzzles
  • 13 Lesson Activities
  • 12 Lesson Memory Verse Ceritificates
  • Take Home Papers
  • Before You Start Suggestions
  • 4 Other Certificates
  • Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
  • Resources
  • Evaluation
  • Course Activities Suggestions
Also the Teaching DVD
  • 13 Lesson in Power Point Format
    (divided for the large and small groups)
The Teen Curriculum is designed for all students to meet first in one large group. Then the leader may choose to divide students into small groups for further instruction and activities.

 Lesson 1. Overview of Gods Word
 Lesson 2. Unity of the Scriptures
 Lesson 3. God Directed the Writing
 Lesson 4. How the Bible came to be
 Lesson 5. Why the Scriptures were written
 Lesson 6. Completeness of God's Word
 Lesson 7. Old Testament Overview
 Lesson 8. New Testament Overview
 Lesson 9. Archeology and History
 Lesson 10. Understanding the Resurrection
 Lesson 11. Jesus Changes Lives
 Lesson 12. Salvation
 Lesson 13. A Time to Remember

Games, Puzzles, Prophecy, Paper,
Drills, Word Search and Songs

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